Cheesecake Factory

October 3, 2009

If you’re an indecisive person then don’t go to Cheesecake Factory. The menu is 20 pages long. 20! Our waitress had to come back several times before we were ready to order. My friend, Courtney asked the waitress her thoughts about two dishes she was unsure about. A pasta dish or fried chicken & biscuits. “Oh, the chicken plate is huge. It’s like two meals but the chicken batter is really good,” the waitress said. “I’d go with the pasta. It’s a creamier sauce and really good,” she added.

So, if she knows what these two random dishes taste like then I’m going to take a guess and say she has had every item on the menu. On the 20 page menu mind you. How impressive is that — and unhealthy?

Speaking of unhealthy, let’s get into what I ate.


On the menu, these stuffed mushrooms are labeled as “snacks.” I was under the impression that I would get three mushrooms at the most since they were only $4. But, I was quickly reminded that I was in Cheesecake Factory and it was time to get fat. The creamy sauce was perfect — not too rich. The mushrooms were straight out of the oven and the dish they were in was still burning hot.


Ahh, yes now on to my mountainous cobb salad. Look at that thing. I swear there was salad underneath. This is by far my favorite salad. Why? Because it is the laziest salad ever. Everything is already cut up for you. Just grab your fork, scoop, and enjoy. Yes, less work. More time to get fat. Thank you Cheesecake Factory.

And what would a factory of cheesecake be without getting a cheesecake? To make myself feel a little better I decided to get the red velvet cheesecake to go. That way I could save it for tomorrow. Yeah, that didn’t work out. Either did taking a picture of it before eating it.


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