Cinnamon Bear

I heard from multiple people recently that Cinnamon Bear has, and I quote, “amazing sandwiches.” Everyone loves a good sandwich so I made my way over to bakery & deli in search of that amazing sandwich.

The place closes at 7 and I strolled in at 6:45.  I suddenly became the customer that everyone hates. Oh well, I thought. I want this sandwich and I want it now. After all, once my mind is set on something I don’t care if I’m making it a hassle for other people. I became passionate about this sandwich! Just like Liz Lemon…

After looking at the giant menu displayed on their wall, I decided to go with the “Lone Plumber.” On a kaiser roll, it is topped off with smoked turkey, brie cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo. Narrowing it down to one sandwich took me awhile since there are roughly 25 sandwiches to choose from at Cinnamon Bear.


I added onions to my sandwich too. Really any sandwich you want they’ll make. My complaints when it comes to Cinnamon Bear are rather simple ones they could fix. First, light on the mayo. I enjoy a good slab of mayo but not when it’s oozing out every which way. Second, speed the sandwich making process up a bit. I came in and only two customers were waiting for sandwiches. They had already ordered before I got there and we all still had to wait about 15 minutes.

Nevertheless, if you’re like me or Liz Lemon…


… and you still enjoy a good sandwich then I suggest making a stop at Cinnamon Bear. And if your sweet tooth kicks in afterwards then choose from their baked goods such as peanut butter brownies and pumpkin bars.

And if you don’t want to be like me, try not to trek in 10 minutes before closing time.


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