September 23, 2009


When Clementine opened in Harrisonburg a few years ago their innovative menu and decor was a nice change to the downtown area. It offers a great nightlife as well food that can be found no where else in the Shenandoah area.

For example, for dinner last night I got the hamachi, or the grilled yellowtail kingfish. This white fish with the consistency of a tuna can only be found off the New Zealand or Australian Coast. But there I was, in good ol’ Harrisonburg, VA, enjoying the exotic fish. An asparagus and bacon salad with a tomato -miso vinaigrette was served alongside rice. I feel fancy just typing what I ate. I felt even fancier as I sipped my skinny girl cosmo — for $3 on Thursday nights.

I had dinner with my friend Jackie, who ordered the black bean burger with some delicious hand cut potato wedges. I can’t believe how much a black bean burger can look like a REAL burger. Well done, Clemetine. You could have fooled me.

Clementine knows how to keep their menu different from other restaurants around the area and maintains a big following among JMU students and locals. I’ll be back soon, but next time it will be for brunch. Make that a fancy brunch.


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