Dave’s Downtown Taverna

December 5, 2009

I think the Greek Festival at home is responsible for making me so fond of Greek food. I’d also have to thank the on campus Festival dining hall for getting me hooked on their gyros. I realize they are probably not authentic enough to be considered Greek food, but I figure if tzatziki sauce is involved it’s close enough.

Some people in Harrisonburg also like to say that Dave’s is not authentic Greek food either. Well, with bruschetta on the menu I can see their argument.

But good food is good food and apparently tons of other people believe that notion too. Dave’s was packed last night — even with its two floors of seating.

I started off with a side Greek salad. You can’t have too much feta cheese when it comes to a greek salad. Dave’s comes with plenty of feta (yay!), hot peppers, olives, onions, tomatoes and a dinner roll. Pretty good amount of food when you consider it’s only $1.75 extra with your meal. I did find that the top of the salad had plenty of dressing but when I got to the bottom the salad was pretty dry.

I decided to get REALLY Greek and order a steak and cheese pita. Nothing says “Greek” like a philly cheesesteak!

The sliced ribeye comes with shredded lettuce, onions, peppers, tomatoes, american cheese and mayo. It takes awhile to get into the really good part of the pita — when all the ingredients come together with the melted cheese. The middle bite is the best. I should also mention that the peppers in this are hot peppers. I went through two large glasses of water while eating it.

If you don’t want a side salad you can always get really Greek and go with the original side: French fries!


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