Earth & Tea Cafe

October 12, 2009


When you walk in the door to the Earth & Tea Cafe there is a bed to your right with pillows and a canopy. That right there should tell you the kind of atmosphere this place is going for. Relaxation — and sleeping?

There were only two waiters when I entered the cafe. Since it was parent’s weekend they were keeping busy. When my Mom and I sat down we were quickly handed their menu. Two pages were dedicated to just tea. With over 30 different teas, I found it suspicious that the two my Mom picked they were “all out of.” Hmmm.

When my mom got her tropical tea they had to give her an espresso cup because they were all out of regular sized tea cups. Instead, when my mom gently grabbed the handle of the cup it made it look like she was drinking from a five-year-old’s tea set.  Hey, Earth & Tea Cafe! Tea is in your restaurant name! You should have PLENTY of tea cups. That’s like Subway giving me ritz crackers because they are all out of subs. C’mon now!

I stuck to just the California wrap for $8 which was bundled up in a sun-dried tomato wrap with turkey, salad, tomato, avocado, and  a pesto mayo sauce. The avocado was only cut in half, making it hard to fit into the wrap. They flavors were great, but I would suggest adding more food since at times I was biting into folded tortilla. And the chips? Eh, probably just Ruffles.

If you do go, stick to the tea (ask for big people cups) and ask for a slice of the raspberry cake. And while you’re at it, snuggle up in that bed.


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