Getting into the Halloween Spirit

October 29, 2009


Yes, that margarita is for one person. It’s roughly the size of a volleyball. Head over to Dona Rosa Mexicana, located off Rt. 33 almost across from the Chick-fil-a. Right now, they have a special menu of black fettuccine pasta in a squash sauce and a Halloween citrus margarita with black salt. Oh, and a spider tops the drink all off. Don’t worry, it’s fake. But it can make for an entertaining evening if you’re trying to scare your friends.

The fishbowl is $12 BUT get this: if you and your friends order fishbowls, all you have to do is ask your waitress for nachos and they are free! SECRET FREE FOOD! They come with queso, tomatoes, ground beef and sour cream. And once you finish one plate, your waitress will bring you another plate. SECRET FREE NEVER ENDING FOOD!

The bar is right out in the open so I know for a fact that Dona Rosa is not stingy on their alcohol when it comes to these fishbowls. If you want a good way to get in the Halloween spirit then take part in Dona Rosa’s themed menu and drinks.


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