Harrisonburg Farmer’s Market

October 20, 2009


I set my alarm this morning for 8:30 so I could make my way over to the local Farmer’s Market. Ehh, 9:30 rolled around and I decided I should actually get up and go. This is the life of a college kid, am I right!?

Maybe I am used to the New York City markets where there are literally hundreds and hundreds of people walking around. Obviously, Harrisonburg was a little different. I awkwardly avoided the stands with no customers. A swarm of obligation to buy something (ANYTHING!) always comes over me when I am the only customer and I end up walking away with something random like cinnamon sticks. And I even try and tell myself that the purchase was worth it. “Oh yeah, these will be great with hot cocoa when it’s snowing.” Even if I bought them in the summer.

Well, this morning I decided to just steer clear of the lonely tables. The market has plenty of fresh vegetables lined up and down tables. market

I’m sure if I actually cooked this would be really useful to me.

Instead I headed over to the pre-made food which required me doing no work. And what caught my eye? A blackberry filled powdered doughnut. Each was $1.75 so I handed over a $20 to the middle aged Mennonite woman selling them. She slowly reached into her money box and proceeded to pull one dollar bills. One after the other. She got to dollar bill 18 when I realized she was continuing on with her counting. “And $20.25,” she said handing me a stack of bills and a quarter.

Now, didn’t I say I bought this doughnut so I wouldn’t have to do any work? Didn’t I!? I never excelled in math but I know for a fact that I shouldn’t be making a profit when buying a doughnut. But, that would be amazing. I looked up at her and slowly said “uhh nooooo.” She looked at me like I was the stupid one. I continued,”Well, no. I gave you twenty so I should get $18.25 back.” Still, a blank stare from the woman. In my mind I am quickly doing the math because I am beginning to think I am the stupid one.


Finally she just kinda shrugs her shoulders like “yeah, I guess you’re right.” YEAH I AM MENNONITE LADY! She takes two dollars back and smiles. If she is running this whole business I don’t see them lasting much longer.

The doughnut was really thick and dense. The filling was only in about a quarter of the doughnut which was kind of disappointing, but I was not about to explain fractions to this lady. If the filling were dispersed a little better then the doughnut would have been perfect. Still a good treat on a weekday morning though.

If you want to make your way over to the downtown area on Tuesdays or Saturdays I still recommend getting a doughnut. Who knows, you could make some money off of it.



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