Jimmy’s – Boston

When I go up to Massachusetts one place I must always stop at is Jimmy’s Steer House in Arlington. I have found there this almost always a wait in the restaurant and about 90% of the customers are 70 or over. Hey, older people know good food!

Jimmy’s is one of those places where the waitresses never change and the menu never changes (except for the specials). I guess they know older people don’t like change.

Knowing their inability to reinvent themselves (that’s a good thing) I never even have to open my menu before I order. Instantly I tell the waitress crab meat pie with teriyaki steak tips done medium rare. BAM! Oh, and feta cheese on the salad.

The crab meat comes in a piping hot casserole dish topped with baked bread crumbs and butter. The steak tips have a slight hint of teriyaki and are tender and juicy. The rice has strips of spinach throughout and although I ordered a baked potato I was happy I accidentally received the rice. You’re lucky everything is delicious at Jimmy’s waitress!

If you do save room after your salad and entree then I must suggest the strawberry shortcake which comes on large biscuits and towers with whipped cream and strawberries. Sorry, I didn’t save room.

But, I have learned from this restaurant that older people know what’s up when it comes to food. When you think about it, if they’ve been going to a restaurant over and over throughout their ENTIRE life it’s probably good. I’m glad I found it now, and you can bet money I’ll be back –  especially when the senior citizen discount kicks in.


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