November 4, 2009


If there is one flavor that I wait with anticipation for at Kline’s it is by far pumpkin. It’s sad (pathetic, perhaps??) that when I come back from a summer away from Harrisonburg one of my first thoughts is “I wonder what the feature flavor at Kline’s is?!!!” And I usually answer that question by heading downtown before I even unpack my bags.


Although the vanilla and chocolate custard are delightful in their own right, it’s the pumpkin that has always kept me coming back. I suppose other locals feel the same way because from Oct. 29- till tomorrow (so hurry and get some pumpkin!) all four locations of Kline’s are featuring pumpkin.


And yes, I know what you’re thinking: “Hey! Kline’s cones are great too! Why’d you get the Dixie cup?” Allow me to explain. I had to book it to class right after I was handed my pumpkin custard. If I get a cone, it needs my full attention. Me driving AND trying to focus on a dripping cone are never a good mixture. If you have the time to sit down and enjoy a cone at Kline’s then by all means please do! Or, if unlike me, you have the skill of multi-tasking, then go right ahead and order a cone and drive away.

Seeing this post too late and are now wishing you could get that delicious pumpkin flavor? No worries, pumpkin makes a comeback Nov. 19-25 at all four locations. I’ll be making a comeback too.


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