Lil Tibbies Bakeshop

December 7, 2009

It really pays off to have friends with just as much interest in food as I have. I just spent about an hour tasting, researching and photographing my friend’s new food venture, “Lil Tubbies Bakeshop.” Miranda Canady, 22,  has been saying for awhile now that she would be perfectly happy running a bakery as a full time job. Minus the whole getting up at the crack of dawn to bake fact, I think she’s on to something. Who wouldn’t love to be surrounded by cupcakes, brownies and cookies?

Well, Miranda steers a little bit away from the typical baked goods and instead sent me some “tubbies” (hence the business’s name).

Before I blog anymore I should explain what exactly tubbies are. Well, actually Miranda can do that better: “Tubby cakes are made from homemade cake, rolled into homemade frosting, formed into mini balls/cupcakes/etc, dipped in candy coating, & topped with special treats!”

Just imagine biting into what you think will be candy and instead your mouth is greeted with delicious cake flavor. In my case, I got to try all the new limited edition holiday flavors. Just another perk of blogging about food! First off was the “Candy Cane Lane” flavored tubby.

From the outside, these tubbies look more like a truffle. Perfectly round the chocolate candy shell was topped with bits of a peppermint candy cane. When biting in, the cake is extremely moist with hints of the marshmallow peppermint frosting. Miranda says this flavor has been one of her most popular. And if your tummy isn’t in the mood for a tubby (see what I did there?) you can always get the great flavor in cupcake form… (seen below).

After eating 3 of my six tubbies I decided I should move on to the tubby “lollies.” Think cake on a stick. Or tubbies on a stick. The “Jingle Jangle Gingerbread” flavor came in the shape of a Christmas tree. It had a vanilla coating with cream cheese frosting in the cake.

Let me just say that I usually hate gingerbread. In fact, I get a little depressed every year when I see that Starbucks has replaced all of their pumpkin drinks with gingerbread. But Miranda has allowed me to see the positive side of gingerbread.

She has even helped me to become a fan of egg nog. Well, I’m at least a fan of eggnog flavored tubbies. The “Northpole Nog” is covered vanilla with eggnog frosting mixed in. I should say that when biting into these tubbies the frosting is very subtle and you still get plenty of that cake texture rather than a gooey texture.

Now let’s say you were once like me and were just not interested in those Holiday flavors. No worries. Canady has plenty more to offer. Perhaps you’d like the “Big Whoop” – Moist yellow cake with swirls of Nutella and topped with a Nutella buttercream frosting. Or maybe the “Hello Puddin’”- Moist banana cake, vanilla wafers, and marshmallow fluff covered in yellow candy melts and topped with sprinkles and an m&m.

If these pictures and details are making your sweet tooth come alive then head over to the website where you can order your favorite batch or two…or plenty more. Miranda has over 50 rotating flavors.

And once you get a bite of those tubbies make sure you become a fan on facebook, tumblr and follow tubbies twitter to stay up to date with the latest flavors.

After eating all my tubbies — yes, I’m going to the gym tomorrow — I know it won’t be long before Miranda will be waking up at the crack of dawn to bake. But this time it will be in her own and very much deserved bakery.


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