L’Italia Brunch…Again

October 14, 2009


It was family weekend this past weekend and whenever my family gets together our days are spent around food. My obsession with food was never a mystery.

After a nice weekend of tailgating, football games, lavender fields (yes, lavender fields) and putt-putt golf, my family made our last stop at L’Italia Pizza & Pasta off Port Republic Road. On Sundays they serve brunch till 3 p.m.

After finishing up some of the mini donuts and my freshly squeezed orange juice my Grande Sicilian sandwich came. For $8.50, the sandwich comes with toasted Italian bread, a little bit of their homemade marinara, prosciutto, two fried eggs, provolone, and arugula.

My first bite ended up in the egg yolk bursting and dribbling down onto the plate. Perfect for dipping. I took the other half home and finished it for my dinner.

Yes, this is my second time writing about L’Italia’s brunch. It’s that good. So, why haven’t you gone yet?



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