Little Grill Collective

October 8, 2009


The Little Grill usually has a line out the door on weekend mornings. Now I know why.

It’s true the Little Grill has more of an “artsy” – hippie feel and I don’t exactly fit into that category (there’s even a “hippies only” door located around back). I don’t wear barrets, scarves, tie-dye, glasses, or super tight skinny jeans. But I do like pancakes.

And I like pancakes with blueberries and bananas. The Little Grill keeps it creative and calls it “Blue Monkeys.” That’s artsy.

The banana was subtle and the blueberries were fresh and abundant in the tall stack of pancakes. You can quickly tell that their food is fresh and local. The pancakes were $6.75. A good price given the fact that I have been full all day and it’s 8 hours later. Not eating for over 8 hours? Me?! Maybe that’s how those emo kids fit in those skinny jeans.

Check out their website. The even have a flickr account on there.


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