Modern Pastry – Boston

November 24, 2009

Many may claim Mike’s Pastry in the North End of Boston has the best cannolis but Modern Pastry is quickly giving Mike’s a run for their money. Fillings at Modern for your cannoli include the traditional ricotta, vanilla custard and chocolate ricotta. Then you can pick the kind of shell and whether you want chocolate chips, a chocolate shell and powdered sugar (I got them all).

Where at Mike’s your cannoli is already made and filled, Modern fills the cannoli right when you order it guaranteeing freshness.

I got vanilla custard and plain ricotta and found myself liking the ricotta much more. The vanilla custard didn’t have enough texture and density to pair with the crunchy shell. If you do make your way to the North End on a weekend night  be prepared to wait in line for the cannolis — but the end result is sweet.


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