Mr. J’s Bagels

October 5, 2009


It’s not a weekend morning in Harrisonburg, VA if you’re not trekking over to Mr. J’s bagels for a ginormous amount of carbs.

When I walked in on Sunday morning I was lucky and walked right up to the register. Two seconds later I turned around and the line was nearly out the door. I actually enjoy waiting in line for a little bit ( three minutes tops) so I can decide what I want. “What can I get you?” said the woman behind the register. “Uhhh,” I said. PANIC MODE! I quickly said pizza bagel and a pumpkin bagel bite. Yes, I am aware that the combination is disgusting — but that’s what happens when PANIC MODE sets in.

The bagels at Mr. J’s are delicious when topped with egg, bacon and cheese. With cheese, tomato sauce and generic Parmesan cheese? Not so much. There was too much  cheese and not nearly enough sauce.

The pumpkin bite, which had frosting and cinnamon on top was clever and delicious. Big enough for three bites it was a perfect compliment to my sweet tooth.

As far as the pizza bagel goes? I’ll remember next time to stick to a typical breakfast sandwich, something Mr.J’s excels in.


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