Regina’s – Boston

November 24, 2009

I know I said there’s nothing like NY Style Pizza and there really isn’t. But I should also say that there is nothing like Regina’s pizza.

Regina’s Pizzeria has locations across Massachusetts but the original is located in the North End of Boston. My family and I attempted to go on Saturday night but the line to just get in the door was wrapped around the corner. Instead, we went on a Monday night and got a table right away.

Don’t expect any amazing customer service. Just expect amazing pizza. The crust is crispy and the sauce has a bit of sweetness to it but nothing overbearing.I recommend either getting just the plain cheese or adding pepperoni and sausage. Regina’s doesn’t go light on the toppings.

Side note: My mom has traveled to a lot of places and enjoys food just as much as I do. She repeatedly says that the original Regina’s has the best pizza she has ever had. And yes, she has been to New York and Rome.


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