Sweet – Boston

November 24, 2009

Sweet cupcakes is fairly new to the Boston area and serves many kinds of cupcake flavors. They have two locations, one in Boston and one in Harvard Square. The cupcakes don’t contain trans fat and are made from what they claim to be the freshest ingredients.

The store in Harvard is all white giving it a modern Pinkberry kind of feel. With many flavors to choose from I first started off with a mini dark chocolate vanilla frosting cupcake.

Getting a little preview of the delicious flavors that Sweet offers I then picked four flavors to go.

From the clockwise starting with the top left, I got Smores, Pumpkin Pie, Vanilla on vanilla and red velvet. The pumpkin pie frosting was delicious but the cake itself was a little dry. The smores had actual marshmallow frosting and the bottom of the chocolate cake had graham cracker on the bottom. The inside of the chocolate cake even had marshmallow filling! Mmm, like I was sitting at the campfire.

Red velvet was the best one of the bunch with the cream cheese frosting that was thick and complimented the moist (at least moister than the pumpkin pie) blood red cake.

Starting Nov. 27 Sweet is introducing its seasonal flavors. Oh, and if you find yourself wanting just that delicious frosting and not the cake you can simply order a frosting shot.


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