The Chateau – Boston

November 24, 2009

When I was little I used to go to the Chateau and always order the spaghetti and meatballs at the Arlington location. Well, that when out of business but the one in Waltham has been there for years and years, much like their customers. Yes, this is another place where the average age is about 70. I feel like when I go back to Massachusetts I also age 50 years. It got so bad that at the Chateau I ate dinner at 5:30 and called it a night at 9:30. Woo party animal!

The Chateau is probably one of the weirder restaurants I have been to. When you first enter you walk up to a hostess. Apparently she is only the Lounge hostess and she quickly told us to keep making our way through. We passed a display of flowers with a sign that read “Please stop throwing mints into the display.” I guess older people can get out of control.

When we were seated I passed one much older man attempting to ice cream but at a snail’s pace. If he was eating his dessert that slow and it was only 5:30 I’m assuming he and his wife got there around four. The carpet of the place resembles an old hotel room with a tacky pattern design. Speaking of tacky, the place is lined with creepy paintings of actors including John Travolta and Robert Blake (yeah, the guy who most likely killed his wife).  Why these were in the restaurant I have no idea. I decided to switch my focus onto the food.

We got an order of their garlic bread (another staple) which is sesame bread toasted. It’s still light and fluffy with a good amount of garlic and butter. Changing it up from my childhood norm of spaghetti, I ordered lasagna instead.

Served with meatsauce (or mushroom sauce if you’d like) it had about five layers to it. Filled with ricotta cheese the large portion needed more sauce. By the end of it I had soaked up the sauce and found myself only eating dry pasta and the cheese. Perhaps next time I will revert  back to my childhood and stick with the spaghetti and meatballs.


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