What a Genius Idea

September 30, 2009


As if brunch wasn’t already one of the best inventions ever, a new restaurant in NYC has taken the meal one-step further — and better.

The Ainsworth, located in Manhattan, just opened their doors with over 40 HD TVs. Yes, that many TVs is fine and dandy, but more importantly they have a Sunday brunch menu unlike any other.

I give you…”Maple Fondue with Bite Sized Waffles Pancakes, Sausage and French Toast.”

Initial reaction? *Drool* and then “Why have I never thought of this?” I normally hate fondue given the fact that you have to cook your own meat over a tiny little flame. Uh, why am I paying money to cook my own food at a snails pace?

But, these waffles are already prepared. Just dunk and enjoy.

And really, let’s think about it. What could be a better way to spend a Sunday than loading up on carbs while watching the beautiful Tom Brady on 40 different televisions — in HD?


The fondue is $35 and the menu also features fried chicken and waffles – Two tender fried pieces of chicken sitting on top of a golden Belgium waffle and smothered in gravy ($16).

Told ya you could load up on carbs.


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