Shank’s Bakery

After spending three hours getting my car shoveled out, I decided it was about time to start doing some food reviews.  I started off pretty small and ventured in (finally) to Shank’s bakery downtown. About a year ago my friend got me a scone from here and it was delicious. Needless to say, my sweet tooth had high hopes and I wanted to try some new things at the bakery.

It was around 4:30 when I went into the bakery. I stood there for about three minutes trying to decide what to get. A lady behind me swiftly grabbed a loaf of bread from behind me, purchased it and left. I was still deciding which cookie I wanted. I was then side tracked by the Valentine’s Day treats. That took about another two minutes.

I finally decided on the snickerdoodle cookie and molasses cookie. I threw in the pumpkin pecan bread for fun. My total? $2.20. It’s always nice to get a cheap food review in. But, I have to say I would have been pretty mad if I spent anymore money on the cookies.

Both cookies were hard and the molasses cookie was especially hard to chew. It wasn’t until I got till the center that there was some freshness to the cookie. The molasses cookie also had an overpowering flavor of some sort of spice and I actually ended up not finishing it.

I decided to have some of the pumpkin bread in hopes that Shank’s could redeem itself. The bread was fresher than the cookies, but this was in no way a stand out. I guess I should have stuck to that scone.



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2 responses to “Shank’s Bakery

  1. Maybe next time get there a bit earlier? Or place an order for pick up?? I’d like to give them a second chance! What’s the best scone you’ve ever had?

    • Ryan

      Oh wow, great question Ghudson! I’m not that familiar with scones myself, but I always thought a good name for a bakery would be “Rolling Scones” LOL IDK hahahhaa

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