Tacos El Primo

Every time I drive to class and prior to experiencing the frustration of looking for a parking spot, I always pass the giant blue taco truck. When I lived in NYC this past summer I noticed it was the norm to order food from a truck. I saw cupcake trucks (delicious), schnitzel trucks,  and rice ball trucks throughout the city and the prices were always a steal compared to the other dining places around. But, it seems as though plenty of JMU students are a bit wary when it comes to ordering tacos from a truck in Harrisonburg.

I went with my two friends who were willing to experience the truck. This one has only been in the area for about a year while their other taco truck has been in the area for a few years.

The menu is pretty simple at Tacos El Primo, as is there method of payment: cash only. Maybe not that simple is their hours. The sign says 10 am-10pm seven days a week, yet when I drove by at 8 pm the truck had closed up shop. Go during lunch or dinner time and you should be fine.  You have the selection of tacos, quesadilla, burras (note: when you google image this you get donkeys. I’m not fluent in Spanish but I’m going to say they’re burritos), and tortas. The torta is a Mexican sub with your choice of meat. I went with a steak taco and chicken quesadilla.

With both the taco and quesadilla a cup of a spicy sauce came along. I was happy that I ordered a bottle of water. The soft taco with cilantro was delicious and was the perfect amount for the dollar price tag. While we sat and ate our tacos the nicest lady ever continued to cook up our quesadillas. It was getting windy outside but we battled the weather and sat out at one of the two tables. When our quesadillas were ready I set mine down on the plastic table to get a quick snap shot for my faithful blog readers! Within two seconds my entire plate blew up into the wind and suddenly my dinner was laying on the pavement. I felt horrible, but then out of nowhere I heard the nice taco lady utter the words, “I’ll make you another one.” Could she be nicer? YES. She brought the food to my car. Curbside!

The chicken quesadilla was delicious and cheesy. It was much bigger than I thought it would be for $3. My friends were surprised that when they asked for sour cream it was an extra 50 cents, but the grand total for all the food was really nothing to complain about. My meal plus the water was $5.

New York City is a long way from Harrisonburg, but even here, truck food is delicously cheap.



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6 responses to “Tacos El Primo

  1. Caitlin Harrison

    Katie! I have been awaiting your review of this place cause I always wonder if it’s good when I pass it on the way to school…I’m glad it passed the test.

    • Haha I know! I have been dying to try it! I think the limited menu is what makes it so delicious..they know what they’re good at and they stick to it. You’ll have to try it before you graduate!

  2. Great post. This should finally give me the courage to stop by the taco trucks I see in DC! Which item was better, the quesadilla or the steak taco? And while on the subject, what’s the best Mexican restaurant everyone has ever been to?

  3. Nice review Katie, sounds like a great experience. Sounds like a good deal all the way around. And very cool about the NY food truck trend and the diversity of food.

    Is the other taco truck on Route 11 near the Wendy’s? Not sure if it’s the same group, but the prices and quality sound similar.

    El Sol in downtown Harrisonburg is sort of the static version of the taco trucks: great food at a cheap price. They seem to have a mix of blue and white collar eaters when ever I get by. You might want to check them out http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/314/1304074/restaurant/Virginia/El-Sol-Harrisonburg

    • Thanks Joey! Yes, I am pretty sure the other taco truck is right near Wendy’s on N. Main St. I have actually heard good things about that truck too! Thanks for reading!

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