Well, I can check off another burger at Jack Brown’s. On Sunday I went with some friends and got the burger of the day, the Chiflet. I don’t understand the name but I do understand why JBs (abbreviation makes it hip!) serves it. It comes with cheese, egg and bacon on top their quality beef. Adding the secret dipping sauce to the burger was a good addition too.

When I took my first bite the aroma of the egg, bacon and cheese reminded me of a breakfast sandwich. The menu says this is the burger to cure what “ales” you.  Crazy Saturday nights!

While the burger was great, I still am going to have to say my favorite as of yet is Friday’s Greg Brady. Let’s not count out the other four quite yet….




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3 responses to “JB’s

  1. Josh

    “Chiflet” is just a funny play on a very common local last name: Shifflet (or Shiflett or Shifflett or Shiflet or any of the other variations).


    It’s also similar to the famous Gus Burger at the White Spot on the Corner in Cville.

  2. A fried egg is so good on burgers. And a quick pass closer to a heart attack!!

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