Staying true to my hypothesis about good food in shopping centers, I went to Xenia the other night to test it out. I love a good gyro (I’m glad I don’t have to worry about pronunciation when writing a blog) and I heard Xenia has one of the best in the ‘burg.

My friend and I started out with an appetizer of the garlic pita. Cut into slices, the pita had olive oil and garlic brushed on top. Even better, we got to pick two sauces to go along with it.We had the zesty lime cilantro and the Mediterranean Special Sauce. I liked the latter better, but to be honest the pita was best when just eaten by itself. It was crispy but soft on the inside. In other words it was Greek’s version of garlic bread. And it was better.

One thing I found strange about Xenia was their selling of Boardwalk Fries. They really push the whole authentic Mediterranean feel, but staring at light-up sign reading “Boardwalk Fries” makes it hard to become lost in the authenticity. That being said…I went ahead and ordered an authentic gyro: Steak and Cheese with fries.

Yeah, there’s a gyro under all those fries. I managed to dig through the fries and finally find my somewhat Greek gyro. I would have liked a little more meat and a little less tzatzki sauce. I would have also liked a little less dill in the sauce. One of the things that really stood out in this meal was the pita. It was really fresh and light.

My friend actually did go the authentic route and ordered the Madrid.Chicken with rice, black beans and a spicy hot sauce all for $6.95. Every time she goes to Xenia she says she’s always going back to this exact dish and I can see why. The chicken was marinated with Spanish seasonings and all the flavors worked really well together.

I’m sad that it took me so long to get to Xenia and I feel stupid that I haven’t been listening to the good reviews from friends. I’d recommend stearing clear from the fries (they were still delicious) if you want some of the real food that Xenia has to offer.

Oh, and in case you were wondering Xenia is the Greek “concept of hospitality”. I’ve been curious about that since the place first went up. And yes, the place fits their name perfectly.



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2 responses to “Xenia

  1. Are either of those two dishes really “Greek” though? I think maybe you should go back and get a real Greek gyro with lamb off the skewer. What’s the best gryo everyone’s had? Mine is in Berlin from a Turkish restaurant!!

    • Good point, Ghudson. I feel like I’m running out of time to fit all this Harrisonburg food in. I will try my best. Thanks for commenting. Please keep reading!

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