Bier Garden

When I packed up my apartment and headed back home after college I thought I could easily keep this blog going. But then I realized I was always going to the same restaurants — ones that I have already reviewed on here. One month later I have decided to write about any restaurant I come across, even if it’s already featured on this site. Lucky for you, this entry features a brand new restaurant (for my blog at least, the restaurant is actually from 1997) in Portsmouth, Va (Holla Missy Elliot!!) called the Bier Garden. Portsmouth may not get the best rep, but go down High Street and it will be hard to understand why. Old churches tower over the quaint restaurants with outdoor seating.

I spent some of my childhood in Germany so I once I moved to the states I found it crazy that any children’s menu didn’t feature schnitzel. Fried pork is even better topped with a mushroom gravy! Another childhood favorite was Goulash soup.

Meat that falls apart in your mouth is one of the best parts of the soup. The soup at this restaurant was a little different from the kind I had in Ramstein, Germany, but this was a good soup in its own right. This soup had a beefy broth with noodles, green peppers and carrots that all tasted like they had been marinating for a day.

Next course was the schnitzel that my childhood in the states often longed for. While this schnitzel was not fried it was still topped with the mushroom gravy (jagerschnitzel) and sauteed onions and peppers ($14.95). Not unhealthy enough yet? The side was spaetzel with even more gravy. Spaetzel is basically fried dough that tastes a lot like gnocchi. At the Bier Garden you can ask for havarti cheese on top instead of gravy.

My delicious meal was washed down with one of the MANY beer selections. They have 300-350 beers from around the world. I had to reminisce and get my favorite cider beer from Ireland — Bulmers. I’ve never seen that beer anywhere other than Ireland. A true testament to the selection this restaurant has.

The atmosphere at the restaurant is another great addition. Blue checkered tables are outside underneath a trellis of leaves and white lights. Wooden tables and giant beer mugs line the inside along with soft German music playing. It’s easy to feel like you’re in Europe when entering the Bier Garden.

Auf Wiedersehen for now Portsmouth!



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2 responses to “Bier Garden

  1. Jackie

    Ah! They had Bulmers? I was just talking about that yesterday 🙂 I’m pretty jealous & may be making a trip down there… Glad to see you’re blogging again Katie! Awesome as always!

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