Founding Farmers

My brother has been telling me to go to Founding Farmers in Washington, D.C. for awhile now. I found it funny when my friend mentioned I go to Founding Farmers too. Next thing I knew she was battling the  traffic and trying to understand the contradicting parking meters in order to dine at the farmer-friendly restaurant.

Knowing it was a Saturday, my friend and I decided to be senior citizens in order to avoid the rush and walked in the doors around 4:45. Only a few people were nestled at the bar as our hostess led us up the stairs to an empty dining room. Jars of colorful vegetables and fluffy hanging clouds (made from cotton?) hung from the ceiling.

My friend assured me that the fried green tomatoes were delicious and were quickly ordered. The “Certified Green Restaurant” doesn’t serve bottled water and instead places a glass jug full of water on our table. The drinks at Founding Farmers features eight from the Prohibition era. There are also cocktails and “Farmer’s Favorites” all ranging $8-$25. The $25 includes some absinthe and top shelf liqour.

The thick fried green tomatoes came with two spreads. One had a guacamole flavor called the green goddess dressing. The other was a goat cheese herb spread. Both were delicious but I found myself going back for the green goddess.

Everyday Founding Farmers has a popcorn of the day for two dollars. Old Bay seasoning was sprinkled on top of a large bowl of popcorn that my friend and I munched on throughout our meals.

For dinner I had the prime rib sandwich with au jus. Served on ciabatta bread and with slices of Swiss cheese and grilled onions it was easy to taste how fresh all the ingredients were. The beef was tender and cooked to perfection. The french fries were lightly salted and a great accompaniment to the sandwich.

After leaving and telling my brother what I ordered he was extremely disappointed. He demanded that next time I order the chicken and waffles. It would have been nice if he gave me a heads up prior to dining! Either way I was happy with my selection. As I got up to leave the restaurant was packed with diners who all seemed to be happy with their selections too.


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