Hayashi Sushi & Grill

I miss the JMU dining days where I could walk right into Top Dog and grab some sushi to go. Alas, the college days are behind me and so is the weekly sushi. Although the other night my sushi craving was fulfilled when my dad took me over to Hayashi Sushi & Grill in Newport News. There is also a location in Williamsburg.

We sat outside in one of about four tables with a view of the City Center fountain in the distance. Inside, there is a modern feel with light wooden floors and dim lighting. In a separate room there is are hibachi grills for your entertainment.

For an appetizer we ordered the wontons served with their own soy sauce-like dipping sauce. I managed to eat most of my dad’s salad that came with his meal too. The salad was perfectly fresh and the dressing was sweet with a hint of peanut.

I ordered two types of sushi for my dinner. First, the California roll (yes, I know when it comes to authentic sushi this is probably the furthest from it). With that being said I always think it’s hard to get the California roll wrong.

Knowing six rolls wouldn’t fill me up, I also ordered the Crunch roll. It was pretty massive and there were a few times where biting the roll in two was necessary. On top was a soft mix of masago, crab and roe. The spicy mayo had my lips tingling by the end, but it was well worth it.

My dad’s not much of a sushi fan so he stuck to the meat. Ribeye sliced and rolled, much like the sushi, and wrapped around asparagus and topped with a teriyaki glaze.Roasted vegetables colored the plate.

Needless to say it was nice to get my sushi fix last week. In the end it still would have been nice  to use my dining dollars.


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  1. So does this mean that the sushi wasn’t worth the price?

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