Frank Beamer’s American Grill

I really don’t think Hampton, Va is the first to get anything. Want a Five Guys? Well, that has to be in Richmond first and then trickle its way down to us. Want Cheesecake Factory? Be prepared to hit traffic in the tunnel on the way to Va Beach. So, when Frank Beamer’s American Grill built its first restaurant in the new Hampton Town Center I was a little surprised and confused. Why Hampton, Frank? Yeah, we’re on a first name basis.

Letting go of the whole location conundrum, I have already dined the restaurant twice, once for lunch and once for dinner. The Virginia Tech football coach manages to bring a subtle amount of the Hokie Nation to his dining establishment. What really stands front and center is the food and the kitchen where it’s all cooked.

Starting off with a warm spinach salad, the toppings of eggs, tomatoes, bacon and mushrooms in a light vinagrette made this dish a standout. Especially since it was only $6.95.

Sadly, the Peninsula crab cake sandwich was served lukewarm and the dry bread overpowered the crab itself. When eaten alone, the crabs flavors were delicious and were just hidden by the challah roll.

I was happy with my selection of the Asian ribs. They were sweet and tangy with tons of meat falling off the bone. Like the crab cake, they were served with fries and coleslaw.

Beamer’s had a decent crowd the night I went and I even spotted some true fans walking through the doors with Virginia Tech apparel. It’s pretty exciting when a brand new restaurant comes to the Hampton area, and let’s hope that after working out a few kinks, it’s here to stay.


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