The Broken Egg

Suffolk, VA has a pretty impressive dining scene. I went to the River Stone Chophouse a couple weeks ago and had a delicious meal of filet mignon, potatoes with bacon and onion and a white macadamia brownie sundae.

So, I made another trip to Suffolk (which is the largest city in Virginia based on land mass — thanks River Stone manager for that fun fact) to experience The Broken Egg. Located in an impressive shopping center that’s home to what looks like a brand new movie theater as well as some other restaurants.

The restaurant has orange painted walls with tall ceilings. The kitchen is huge and open for any customer to see. There is even some stool seating that faces the kitchen.

The staff at The Broken Egg is extremely friendly, but while they excelled in hospitality, they seemed to lack a bit in food –at least for the dinner scene. I hear breakfast is another story. Since Suffolk was having restaurant week, I ordered a fresh mozzarella salad, mediterranean chicken and  mini hot apple crumble sundae for $22. Pretty good deal after looking at the size of my appetizer.

The balsamic dressing was delicious and they definitely weren’t stingy when it came to the slices of mozzarella. Before I could even cut into the second tomato my main course was already being placed in front of me.

The chicken came sauteed in olive oil and white wine and was topped with all the Greek fixings. Feta cheese, mushrooms, kalamatta olives, spinach and tomatoes. There was a lot of flavor in the dish but I couldn’t help but think it was too salty. My dad’s spinach lasagna came out looking delicious, but the center was cold. He sent it back but I found it to still be lukewarm in the middle.

The best part of the night came with my apple crumble dessert. Vanilla ice cream drizzled with caramel sat on top of a warm baked apple crisp.

While parts of the dinner were good, I couldn’t help but think this place is better for breakfast. The menu in the AM is twice the size of the dinner menu. We asked our waitress about her thoughts on the breakfast and her response was a dragged out “Ohhhh myy God you have to get the French toast.” Hopefully I can go back and make that happen.


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