I walked into the National Harbor restaurant and said to my friend (shout out Brittany!!!), “It’s funny we’re here, because I don’t even like ketchup.” First off, I realize that’s not funny, but I thought the parallel had to be mentioned. Yes, I was referring to the condiment, although upon leaving I was referring to the restaurant.
I’ll be the first to admit that my reasoning for dining at Ketchup was not because I read about it online or saw their food featured in a magazine. Sadly, I jumped at the opportunity to eat here because it was once on “The Hills.” Yup. If LC had dined here while becoming heartbroken over Brody, then I MUST GO EAT THERE TOO!!
It was crowded at Ketchup and my friends and I waited about 20 minutes for table. The atmosphere is like an upscale diner with retro pictures of cartoon ketchup bottles. Cute. The menu is pretty extensive for lunch (and breakfast) and pretty expensive.
Our shy, but nice, waitress came over and took our drink orders. As I ordered my cup of coffee the manager came out of nowhere and secretly stood behind her and gave her bunny ears. OK, bunny ears weren’t funny in the first grade and they aren’t funny when you’re 45. My friends were nice enough to do their best fake laugh, but I had to look away out of disgust. He kept the bunny ear thing going on for about a minute until the waitress thought we were all laughing her. “No,” I explained. “Your manager just enjoys embarrassing you in front of strangers.” Well, that’s what I wanted to say.
I ordered my $15 chicken sandwich with sundried tomato pesto, provolone cheese and caramelized onions. It can come with your choice of fries, coleslaw or fruit.  While the flavor of the panini was good, it annoyed me that my pricey lunch was luke warm.
My friend ordered the crab and corn chowder to start off before her entree but unfortunately both came out at the same time. My other friend ordered the sliders, and she seemed to enjoy them.
During our meal the HILARIOUS manager made his way to our table a couple more times. He really was pushing the mimosas and even offered free ones if my friends ordered seconds. They passed.
I think the moral of this dining experience is to not rely on reality shows when it comes to selecting restaurants. Although, if you do ever make it to National Harbor there are some pretty cool things to check out such as the Peep marshmallow store, The Gaylord Hotel and this giant statue.
And, while I still don’t like ketchup as a condiment, nor as a restaurant, I feel the need to incorporate the Ketchup Song in this post. You’re welcome.


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2 responses to “Ketchup

  1. Great review! What’s everyone’s worst experience at a restaurant?

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