Febuary 1 Dark Chocolate

My friend wrote to me yesterday about this fantastic blogging idea. She claimed she wasn’t witty enough to blog about it herself. I don’t think I’m witty enough either, but too bad, I’m doing it!

If you follow @Foodimentary on Twitter, you’ll know that every day they tweet out that day’s National Food. Yes, there is such a thing. They also tweet out some interesting food facts. For instance, today’s fact mentioned that more chocolate is consumed in the winter than any other season. Currently, my tight jeans would agree.

But, how fitting is it that today is National Dark Chocolate Day and that’s  currently what is making my jeans so tight?! Everything is falling into place for me! Well, except for the heartburn that Trader Joe’s dark chocolate truffle is giving me.

Apparently the heartburn is worth it though. Dark chocolate has been proven to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. It can also serve as an anti-depressant. Except when you can fit in your jeans.

My friend also pointed this out about today’s food selection:

No comment.

Trader Joe’s never disappoints me with any of their food. Their sushi is pretty delicious for a grocery store by the way. Oh, and their kettle corn is great too. But back to the giant chocolate bar. The label explains the chocolate rather well:

“The uncommonly smooth dark chocolate in this bar surrounds an intense, velvety, smooth, dark chocolate truffle center. Enjoy well rounded cacao notes with hints of jasmine, coconut, and other exotic flavors as it melts in your mouth.”

I was wary about the whole jasmine thing, but the flavor was great and it really does melt away in your mouth. Only if you’re a true dark chocolate fan should you purchase this bar. It’s intense.

Tomorrow: Tater Tots



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3 responses to “Febuary 1 Dark Chocolate

  1. TJ’s rocks. Have you had their pineapple salsa? Their pear cider is also pretty legit if you heat it up!

  2. Amanda

    I’ve had the pineapple salsa and LOVE IT! And I don’t even really like salsa! Don’t forget about Trader Joe’s yummy PB-filled, chocolate covered pretzels! 🙂

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