February 2 Tater Tots

Happy Groundhog Day. And more importantly, happy National Tater Tot Day! I had to throw in this picture because 1. Groundhogs are adorable and 2. It kind of looks like he is participating in National Tater Tot Day.

OK, so I am probably not going to be able to eat every single thing for every single day. I’m sorry, but having a real job is kind of time consuming. Who would have thought?

But, what I can do is mention or write about a place that has some delicious tots. A restaurant that apparently serves up some tasty ones is Sticky Rice located in D.C. and Richmond.

Served in a bucket, these tots are accompanied with a secret sauce that has customers coming back for more. Who would have thought a place called Sticky Rice would be known for their deep fried potato bites? They also have lobster sushi that I want now.

What are your favorite places to get your tot on?

Tomorrow: Carrot Cake!




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2 responses to “February 2 Tater Tots

  1. Sticky Rice’s tots are really good. I hear that the Mighty Pint serves up some great ones too!

  2. Jackie

    Artful Dodger in H’burg serves up tots in tin buckets! And they’re super cheap. Feb. 2 should have also been Napoleon Dynamite day for his love of all things tots 🙂

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