February 3 Carrot Cake

No, that’s not a bookshelf.  Rather, it’s shelves full of German and Swiss sweets. I went out today in search of a slice of carrot cake and instead stumbled into European food heaven.  The Swiss Bakery, with two locations in Springfield, VA and Burke, VA not only has sweets and baked goods, but an actual cafe with food made to order.

The menu at the cafe is tempting. Tempting enough that I will probably go back tomorrow to order the goulash soup with homemade brotchen (German rolls).  Since it was National Carrot Cake day and not National Eat As Much As You Can Day (unfortunately), I decided to stick with the cake.

But ahh look at all the temptations. Cheese rolls, turnovers, sticky buns, eclairs,  strudels and Bavarian pretzels. I don’t know how I ended up just getting the cake. Go me.

The carrot cake was $3.95.  Along with the nuts and cinnamon flavors, there were two fillings of a creme cheese frosting that was thick like a custard.

The top icing was lighter and had more of a vanilla taste.

The cake was great and the filling made me keep coming back for more and more. This bakery seems to have a pretty big following and has been featured in a couple of local publications. Plus, one of the bakers is really from Switzerland.

Since tomorrow is National Homemade Soup Day it seems only fitting that I go back and get their goulash. Which, by the way, is only available on Fridays and Saturdays. At some point I’d also like to go back and try their breakfast. Specifically, the Swiss Breakfast Basket for $5.50. Served warm from the oven, you get brochen, butter croissant, and a slice of bread of the day, with butter, marmalade and Nutella. The breakfast of champions.

Tomorrow: Homemade Soup (Goulash)



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4 responses to “February 3 Carrot Cake

  1. Clare

    Omgosh YUM! I love carrot and that adorable little carrot is just too cute.

    Also, tomorrow is national homemade soup day?? I LOVE soup. Best holiday ever.


  2. Caitlin H.

    I have lived in the area my whole life and never seen either of the bakeries! Crazy! I will have to stop by one of them.

  3. DJ HUD

    Pictures are worth a thousand words.

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