PS 7

Today is National Chopstix Day, and I was under the assumption that every day would involve a food. While chopstix are used for types of foods, I still find it kind of boring to write about how I used chopstix. Instead, I will tell you how I used a fork last night!

I went to PS 7 in Washington, D.C. located right near Chinatown. The modern and trendy restaurant had a low light bar that had a good amount of creative drinks. I ordered the Ant-EYE-ox-A-dent for $12. It consisted of vodka, house made cranberry-pear juice, green tea and bitters. It was really light and the vodka was not overpowering — maybe that’s how it is just 100 calories. Another drink that I was tempted to order was the Sav U’R cereal. In it, there was cereal milk, old overholt rye and St. Elizabeth All spice Dram.  You can look at all of their cool drinks here.

The dining room of the restaurant is also dimly light (we thought it was closed when we first drove by it), and the modern feel carries on with their dining menu. For bread, they give you cheese baked crisps with poppyseed, mini buttermilk biscuits and garlic and herb rolls.

When I was done devouring all the options of bread, I went on to my starter of merry mushroom soup. It’s made with sherry, almond, gremolata (aka lemon zest, garlic and pasta)  and chorizo (type of pork sausage) croutons. When served, the soup bowl comes with just the solid ingredients placed in the center of the bowl. Confused as to where the liquid portion of the soup had gone, I just thought maybe this was their “modern” soup twist. The twist being that there was no soup. “Ohhh, lovely,” I said, trying to sound like I have had this type of soup before. But then, the waiter reached around with a glass vase and poured the actually mushroom soup into the bowl.

The soup was great and with the spiciness of the chorizo it had a lot of different flavors. The warm spinach salad is also a great way to start off your meal at PS 7.

For dinner, I ordered the gnocchi nero, which was trumpet mushrooms, truffle, pearl onions, sage and sherry foam.  When it came, people at the table mentioned how the plate actually looked like pebbles on a beach with sea foam over them. The presentation of all the dishes at PS 7 are done beautifully.

Another well done presentation was the special of the night, mahi mahi.

It was paired alongside blueberry gel and some sort of basil puree. I’ll be honest, there were a lot of things on the menu I had never heard of. For example, miso air (how can you eat air?),  mung beans and bubbly gel were a few that had me a little confused.

The hip and trendy feel of the restaurant is even in the bathrooms. There are two 3-D pop-out glass bowls with fish swimming around.

Keeping with the nice presentations, for dessert I ordered the “Fluffer.” Mind you, I had this dessert already picked out three days prior to going to PS 7.

The “Fluffer” was peanut butter sorbet, fluff, and buttered toast underneath. I’ve never felt so fancy eating marshmallow.

If you want an experience at PS 7 make sure you make reservations. Washingtonian Magazine called the head chef, Peter Smith, one of the most promising chefs in D.C.


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