February 8 Potato Lover’s Day

Apparently, only a true lover can participate in this day. Since I’m Irish, love for potatoes be in my blood (Irish accent)!

I haven’t been to Five Guys in forever and since I am constantly hearing how great their fries are I decided to give it a whirl.

By the picture above, it kind of looks like I traveled back in time to get my Five Guys. I was lucky enough to walk right up to the register and order my regular freshly cut fries. A second after ordering the line was nearly out the door.

Up on the chalkboard, Blackfoot, ID is written. Apparently it’s where the burger joint got their potatoes from. It’s also the location of the Idaho Potato Museum. Conspiracy?

Mind you I ordered a regular (their smallest size) and I was given a bag that made a thump when set on the counter. Can you even see that there is a cup in there? No, not really, because it is covered by an insane amount of fries.

When eating them, you can tell the fries are from real potatoes but I was hoping they’d be a little crispier on the outside. By the time I had made an indent in the fries the bag had slowly been taken over by grease. Not that I’m complaining about greasy food. That’s just an observation.

And, if you needed another reason to love potatoes how about a clever greeting card?

Tomorrow: Bagel and Lox? (eh)



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2 responses to “February 8 Potato Lover’s Day

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  2. I’ve never been to five guys but seeing your picture of fries makes me want to go so bad!

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