I went to this restaurant a couple months ago and have been craving one of their dishes since.T.H.A.I. is located in a section of Arlington, VA called Shirlington. It’s a classy establishment with modern decorations that still manages to keep a simple decor. When I went in around 5:30 on a weekeday there were only a few tables taken, but upon leaving the entire restaurant was packed.

When it came to Thai food,  I had only had pad thai, but my friend insisted I try the drunken noodles. These fresh rice noodles were seasoned with onions, basil and a chili and garlic sauce. I added chicken to the entree, but you also have the option to add shrimp or tofu.

Some of the dishes at this restaurant are marked with the image of a chili pepper depending on how hot the dish is. The most on the menu that a dish has is three. The drunken noodles is one of them. I think I drank about eight glasses of water and my lips were tingling well after dessert. It was worth it though. The sauce that the dish is covered in has a great flavor and the onions add even more flavor.

Like the restaurant’s ambiance, the dishes are modern here too. Chef Aulie was inspired from her grandmother’s Thai cooking which used old recipes with a modern French twist. Even better, Aulie also likes to incorporate local produce into the mix.

For dessert I needed to cool my mouth down a bit so my friend and I both ordered the sorbet. You have the option of strawberry or mango — so we got both! Topped with whipped cream and a chocolate sauce — something I could have done without when it came to sorbet–there were also chunks of fresh fruit in the mix.


If you want a heavier dessert, a couple that I was tempted to order included the banana bread pudding and the banana split brulee.  Another plus about this restaurant? The prices. My dish was $11.95 and the two scoops with toppings of sorbet was $3.95.

Oh, and if you were wondering what T.H.A.I. stands for it’s Tasty Thai cuisine, Hospitality and warmth, Architectural elegance and Innovative seasonal menus. Whew, I can see why they made it into an acronym.


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