Sticky Rice

I’ve been wanting to try Sticky Rice for some time now. It seems like the only place in the world that can be known for their sushi, nightlife and tater tots. A weird mix, yes, but its success was evident Friday night by the large crowd hudled near the bar as they waited for a table. The restaurant is locate don H Street sandwiched in between trendy restaurants. The narrow two floor spot has low lighting with highlights of red. Upstairs, the atmosphere is a little brighter.

As I said, Sticky Rice is known for their tots. Knowing instantly I was going to order a bucket full (because that’s what they serve them in), my eyes quickly caught the sweet potato tot special. Boom. Ordered.

The tots come with a dijon spice sauce that was pretty addicting. The tots were good on their own too. I was a little depressed that the special wasn’t served in a bucket, but I was too busy popping them in on after the other that I couldn’t care.

Rarely do I go into a restaurant saying “I want everything on this menu,” but that is exactly how I felt. Just reading about the lettuce wraps, fried teriyaki mushrooms (say whaaaaa), tokyo burger, and chicken sesame made me know this place wasn’t just hype.

My sushi of choice was the drawn-n-buttered. Sushi being dunked into butter? Does Paula Deen work at Sticky Rice? What a genius idea. Fried shrimp was paired with crab and cucumber and served alongside a dish of garlic butter. Delicious? Yes. Bad breath? Oh, yes.

While I didn’t get them, a popular order around me seemed to be the sticky balls: tuna, crab, siracha rice that’s deep fried and topped with wasabi dressing.

For dessert, we went with the green tea sorbet and the fried banana with chocolate sauce. The banana was good, but I mean how can you really mess up a fried banana?

All-in-all, the selection of sushi here is impressive and creative. I liked that it wasn’t your typical sushi joint and they are willing to serve dishes that are a little out of the ordinary. If you want, stay past ten and experience their nightlife dance party extravaganza.


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