The Wine Kitchen

Wait, there is something in Leesburg other than an outlet mall and lots of antiques? My friend recently moved to Leesburg and upon visiting her, she showed me how naive I was. Yes, the historic downtown of Leesburg does indeed have antiques, but they also have some amazing little restaurants. The Wine Kitchen is one of them.

With about  ten tables in the place, the wait on a Saturday night was about 45 minutes. Not too bad, but we avoided the wait but taking two open seats at the bar and dining there. The decorations are clean in simple at the restaurant. Some exposed brick contrasts with a chandelier in the front.

Given that I was at The WINE Kitchen and I was handed the WINE list, I felt obligated to order a glass of WINE. I went with the Domaine Bellevue, a sauvignon blanc from France.

I knew nothing about this wine or what made me order it, but with each wine at the restaurant they give you a little card explaining everything that you need to know. My favorite part of this card was that my wine was described as me feeling like I’ve had a two minute massage. Just two minutes. Not a minute more, not a minute less! I will say I did enjoy the wine, but I enjoyed the write-up more.

Then came the cheese. The glorious cheese. So glorious, that as the waiter was explaining each one, I was too busy drooling. I know the first one was a blue cheese paired with cherries. The middle cheese comes from Spain and the last cheese was what the waiter called, “the best cheese in the world.” Get this man a raise because he is right! It was a soft cheese with coated with a vegetable ash and paired with onions.

The cheeses are served with a basket of thinly sliced fresh crusty bread. Honestly, I would have been content in this being my dinner.

But who are we kidding? Of course I ordered an entree. The waiter came over and asked if we were ready. I had already looked up the menu and scouted my selection 7 hours prior to sitting down at the bar. So yeah, pal, I’m ready.

Boom. Espresso rubbed pork chop topped with a cherry sauce with bacon sweet potato spaetzle and brussel sprouts. The size of the pork chop was large given that it was a reasonable $16. The pork is done medium and cherry sauce brings a sweet flavor to the mix. The spaetzle was the best part because of the thickly cut bites of bacon within. If you’re not a fan of brussel sprouts, don’t worry, there were only two on my plate.

My friend ordered the Coq au Vin, with mashed potatoes, pearl onions. mushrooms and bacon. It’s worth noting that the Wine Kitchen works with local farms to bring fresh food to the table. Another notable menu item is the “Chicken and Waffles.” Why the quotes? Because the chicken is actually farmed-raised quail and the waffles are cornmeal.

It also helps to know the cook because the dessert was on the house. The Mexican “Hot” Chocolate torta palla. A dense chocolate cake molded with a chocolate fudge and topped with spice and salt. A homemade whipped cream is in the middle and in my opinion, a necessary accompaniment to the chocolate. If you’re not one for a spicy chocolate, The Wine Kitchen offers one other dessert, raspberry beignets.

Overall, The Wine Kitchen is a simply decorated establishment that offers fresh and well-priced food.


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