What would a trip across the country be without eating delicious food? NOTHING! Well, that’s not entirely true. I had a great time with my friend visiting all the touristy sites (shout out to the Space Needle!) and exploring the Emerald City. But, if you think for a second that I didn’t eat fresh fish and go somewhere featured on The Food Network, think again!

Everyday consisted of trying different local beers. The ones above were from Fremont Brewery. Given the time of year, I stuck to the IPAs while my friend stuck to the stouts. Either way, the beer is Seattle is top notch.

I went to a baseball game Friday night and of course got beer there. If you want a good beer at Safeco Field, get ready to hand over some money. My friend’s Alaskan Amber was $9.50.

Another must if you go to a baseball game out there are the garlic fries.

Minced garlic is mixed all over the thicker cut fries. They don’t go light on the garlic here at all. I woke up at 4am suffocating to my own breath.

Ivar’s Seafood is located down on the water of Seattle, but they also have a small location within the stadium. For $12 I ordered the salmon sandwich served with coleslaw and this sweet bread roll. Not sweet as in cool, but sweet as in the taste. I thought that was a pretty good size of salmon for $12. Oh, and if you’re interested Red Sox won!

A few nights before the big game, I dined at the actual sit down Ivars. I knew fish ‘n’ chips was a must. There really is nothing better than halibut fried. The breading was crispy and thin enough to not mask the fresh fish.

Of course when I was in Seattle I went to a cupcake shop. Trophy’s cupcakes has several locations in the area and was even said to be “utterly delicious” by Martha Stewart.

The place kind of looks like something Martha herself would decorate. And that’s a good thing. (ha!)

They don’t go to crazy with the amount of flavors at Trophy so I ordered a basic chocolate and vanilla. Of course the cupcake was good, but I’m still comparing them to Georgetown. I wish I didn’t believe in all the Georgetown Cupcakes hype, but I think they’re great and I now compare every cupcake to them.

My best food stop was Top Pot Doughnuts which was named one of the top ten doughnut spots in America. I don’t if I was amped up on all the coffee I was having during my stay, but I thought these doughnuts were fantastic.

There is a large selection at Top Pot but I couldn’t take my eyes off of the sprinkled doughnut. I’m five years old.

The doughnut had an old fashion dense cake and was covered in strawberry frosting. My friends Boston Kreme was huge and the ganache frosting was amazing. As I reflected on my doughnut I thought about how much I wanted another one. My wish became my command!

I’ll spare you all my other photos of salmon chowder, deep dish pizza, coffee, coffee and coffee. Seattle is such a gorgeous city with fresh seafood and coffee shops all over. It’s definitely worth the trip (in the summer!) and if you do go, do me a favor and go to Beecher’s to get the mac ‘n’ cheese, please.


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  1. Clare

    OH my word! Yummm! Those fries, those cupcakes! I want everything!

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