Curbside Cupcakes

Since I work outside the city, I am forced live vicariously through twitpics of food trucks during lunch hours. Not this time! On a Saturday morning I went to Eastern Market in Capitol Hill (which I recommend as well), and low and behold the food truck of my dreams was parked in front of me. A truck full of cupcakes.

The selections at Curbside Cupcakes change daily and the truck is quite popular on a Saturday morning. Like every cupcake bakery, wheels or no wheels, there were the classic flavors. Vanilla, chocolate and red velvet. I went for the cookies & cream but it was sold out by 11am on Saturday.

Instead, I ordered the german chocolate cupcake for $3. If cupcakes aren’t your thing (don’t ever talk to me), you can also get a milkshake from the truck. The german chocolate frosting tasted how German chocolate frosting should taste. Bits of coconut with a creamy consistency. The chocolate cake was dense.

Want to try them yourself? Follow them on Twitter to find their next stop in the D.C. area. If you really really like them, you should know they also cater and deliver.


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One response to “Curbside Cupcakes

  1. Clare

    I do enjoy a nice curbside cupcake! Did you end up getting those red pants??

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