District of Pi Pizzeria

District of Pi Pizzeria started off as a food truck in the D.C. area before gaining enough momentum for them to open their own storefront. If you’re working around D.C., you can follow their Pi truck here. Pi started in St. Louis, MO before heading to the nation’s capital.

The restaurant has soft lighting with exposed brick, wooden tables and metal looking chairs. The bar has an impressive amount of beers on draft.Need a recommendation? The Schlafly pumpkin ale will make you think you’re drinking pumpkin pie. It makes sense that Pi had Schlafly on tap since the brewery is located in St. Louis. I had four types of pumpkin beer last weekend (no judgement, please), and this was the best one yet.

Another standout beer was the seasonal JollyPumpkin on tap. Don’t be fooled by the company name, this beer had more of a cider/wine taste, but paired nicely with the heavy deep dish pizza.

A nice touch to the Pi bar itself was the lining of the mathematical pi. My knowledge of pi stops at 3.14, but if you want to learn a few more numbers over a beer, Pi is calling your name.

Now on to the deep dish pizza.

The pizzas are big enough to split among two. For around $18, you can get a small pizza (seen below), or the large runs around $24. I ordered the Western Addition, mozzarella, spinach blended with ricotta and feta, mushrooms, onions and garlic. They don’t skimp on the ingredients at Pi, and the crust is crispy on the outside and soft within. If you’re not sold on the various pi selections, you can make your own deep dish pizza starting at $12.

I guess I should mention that they have thin crust pizza at Pi, but if it’s your first visit, you should be ordering the deep dish. Can’t make it for dinner or lunch? They have brunch from 11 am -2 pm every Sunday, featuring a deep dish breakfast pizza.

Update: Pi also has flatbreads that look delicious.



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2 responses to “District of Pi Pizzeria

  1. Great review, it reminded me of this other blog TheKibitzers.com — they wrote about this back in February for the truck opening! They seem pretty cool!


  2. Clare

    Oh nice! DC has great pizza spots — spots that might even rival NYC!!

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