Againn is not pronounced how one may think.  It’s the Gaelic word, pronounced “ah-gwen,” that translates to “with us.”  Slainte!

Againn (I’m still pronouncing it as “Again”) is a British-infused gastropub near Metro Center. The modern exterior subtly carries into the interior. Dark wood and scotch lockers (you can keep your bottle there) frame the inside. Think sleek pub.

If you’re  on a budget,  and paying  $500 to keep your scotch in a locker sounds ridiculous, you may be happy with ordering one of their beers. No locker to keep it in though. Sigh.They have a good amount of on tap, although I was surprised to see only one English draft beer on the menu.

Sitting down in the dining room, we were handed the clipboard dinner menu, but the pub menu was nowhere to be found.  I knew that it existed solely because I remember seeing Guinness soaked pretzels when I looked up the menu 3 hours prior to my visit. YOU CAN NEVER BE TOO PREPARED!

We asked our waiter about the missing– and slightly cheaper– menu. Turns out, if you’re not at the bar, then you’re probably not going to get the menu. Our waiter told us that if we knew what we wanted off the pub menu, the chef may be willing to make an exception.

Mind you, I already had a printed LivingSocial coupon, so ordering entirely from the pub menu made me feel a little, how you say…cheap.

I went with the special, a pumpkin soup.

It was rich and creamy with a little bit of spice. I decided to keep the special streak going and ordered the lamb burger topped with onions and some type of ketchup/barbeque.

Served alongside were crispy fries. What else would expect from a gastropub? Yet, as I took my first bite into the lamb burger, there was a flavor of burnt grill. The meat itself was incredibly juicy, but I don’t think a lamb burger was meant for me.

We did manage to get away with ordering a regular beef burger from the pub menu, and it was juicy and delicious. Another standout from the dinner menu was the braised veal breast with mustard spaetzle.

If you’re a vegetarian, you’re out of luck. Nothing on the menu is vegetarian, and while the chef is more than happy to put together some steamed vegetables,  you better be more than happy to pay $21.

For dessert, we went with the sticky toffee pudding topped with a stout ice cream. This was the standout for me. The sweet and gooey bread pudding had toffee sauce with each bite.

The dessert has several menu items, the go along nicely with the theme of sleek pub. A Guinness float and their take on Irish whiskey coffees were enough to make me want to come back.

But next time, you can find me at the bar — for the Guinness soaked pretzels…and yes, a beer.



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3 responses to “Againn

  1. Dorothy Hudson

    Looks amazing… I love me some bread pudding!!

  2. I told you it was an Irish pub. KNOW YOUR ROOTS!!!

  3. Joelle

    I did some calculations, and I think it came out to 2¢ per lentil.

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