It’s hard enough to make it as a bakery today, but to stay in business with the giant cupcake company Crumbs less than a mile away, I knew Bakeshop must be offering sweets that keeps customers coming back.

With a simple name, the inside of Bakeshop keeps it fairly simple, too. A few wooden tables sit inside the crafty shop, and the front counter is lined with cupcakes ranging with flavors from almond joy, 7Up, nutella and of course, red velvet.  Cupcakes aren’t the only thing Bakeshop takes out of the oven.

Other tempting items include blueberry oatmeal cookies, layered cakes (custom orders), cream pies and chocolate chip cookies with an oreo baked inside.

Justin Stegall, who is the face behind Bakeshop, previously worked as a cake decorator in Brooklyn.  After making his way back to Northern VA, his sweets were starting to pop up at local coffee joints. That’s when the buzz started and soon enough Bakeshop was born.

I’m still obsessed with the fall, thus I am still obsessed with anything pumpkin flavored. This pumpkin cupcake topped with the perfect amount of cream cheese frosting. The flavor of the cake was delicious.

I’m still thinking about the cupcake, but another sweet on my mind was the homemade banana pudding. A special for the day I went, the pudding was sold out by the time I arrived. Stegall calls it “one of the best desserts ever.” So, yeah I’m taking another trip back.

You get the local vibe in Bakeshop, and what’s more, you get a friendly vibe. In fact, if you see Stegall in the shop, he encourages you to “Stop by and say ‘whatsup!'”


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