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Buzz Bakery

Hooray for cupcake posts! I was lucky enough to come home on St. Patrick’s day to Buzz Bakery’s chocolate Guinness cupcake. One bite and I knew I had to make a trip to the actual bakery. And so it was done…

Located in Alexandria, right outside Old Town, Buzz Bakery has gained a lot of buzz for their cupcakes. Pastry Chef Tiffany MacIsaac heads up all the baked goods including pies, tarts, brownies, plated desserts, tarts and yes, cupcakes.

Buzz definitely has the coffee shop feel with friends sitting on couches, students studying and customers browsing the web on their laptop ipad.  The selection of cupcakes is not overwhelming like Crumbs.

My friend went with the “Lose Your Marbles” cupcake. Chocolate and Vanilla cake swirled together with a similar frosting to match.

While she finished the cupcake (who would ever waste a cupcake!?), she had her critiques, particularly that the cake was a bit dry. Not unbearably dry, but the kind where when you bite into it crumbs scatter down. I had a similar experience with my cupcake and was surprised because my Guinness cupcake was incredibly moist and dense. Is there anything Guinness can’t do?!

When it came to my cupcake selection, I stayed timely and went with one decorated with cherry blossoms. I wasn’t willing to battle the madness that is the Cherry Blossom Festival in D.C., but I was more than willing to eat something related.

The flavor of the vanilla frosting on top of the vanilla cake had that real vanilla bean flavor. Inside, chocolate ganache filled the cake, although I think they were a skimpy on the filling. Don’t be shy, Buzz.

Researching Buzz a little more, I should mention they are opened from 6 am – midnight…EVERYDAY. They also serve beer, wine and cocktails including “The Lemon Cake” and the Chocolate Martini. When it starts getting warmer I would be one happy girl sitting outside, sipping a martini and if need be eating a pastry.

Oh, and if you’re not a night owl you can join them for breakfast in the morning. Their website describes their breakfast brioche as — “a buttery brioche roll stuffed with traditional breakfast favorite like fluffy scrambled Amish eggs, cheddar cheese and applewood smoked bacon.”  In fact, the Washington Post declared “The best breakfast ‘sandwich’ may possibly be the one made here…”

So, I guess what I am saying is their is no excuse not to try this place.


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Trattoria da Franco

I just happen to be doing an Italian restaurant review on National Eat Italian Food Day. Trattoria da Franco is located in Old Town Alexandria in a pink townhouse that is 300 years old. Walking up a several stairs, white lights are hung around the entrance. Inside, there are three dining rooms, one upstairs and two downstairs. My table was set up right against a little fireplace. Getting toasty by the fire while eating carbs– is there anything better?

This restaurant has been in town for the past 25 years and on the back of the menu you can learn more about their chef who had previously cooked for the likes of the Queen of England and Winston Churchill. Pretty impressive, I guess.

We started off with the bruschetta for $6.95. The two slices of breads with capers, finely chopped onions and tomatoes were tasty. For dinner I ordered the melanzane parmagiana. Layers of thinly sliced eggplant were sandwiched between melted mozzarella and topped with a creamy marinara and basil sauce.

The flavor itself was delicious, but at times I found myself biting into just the cheese and not finding eggplant for several more bites. There was plenty of sauce on the plate.  I ended up wishing I would have ordered their special for the night, pasta (which is all homemade here) with asapargus and chicken in a light cream sauce.

For dessert I split the zuppa inglese. It was a trifle filled sponge cake with custard, strawberries and whipped cream. The menu says “crowned with fresh strawberries” but there were two.

The cake itself was moist but I found the chocolate sauce and whipped cream to be overpowering. If I were to go back I would get some sort of pasta. And, what would make go back is not necessarily the food, but more so the cozy atmosphere.

Also, after reading several other reviews out there one common occurrence seems to problems with the bill. Funny that our bill had an extra $26 dollars added on that we luckily caught prior to paying. Some of the other reviewers weren’t so lucky.


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