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Good Stuff Eatery

When I first got my job in the D.C. area in December my initial thought was “Oh, good, I get to go to Good Stuff.” I should probably be concerned that this was my first thought upon receiving a job.

It wasn’t until last week that I finally got to try Spike Mendelsohn’s burger joint. If that name sounds familiar, Mendelson was on a season of Top Chef and Top Chef All Stars. Think fedora.

Mendelsohn opened Good Stuff in July of 2008 followed by We, the Pizza last year.

Recently, he gained a few enemies when he called D.C. a “second-tier city.”  I must say, compared to NYC, D.C. does not compete from a culinary standpoint.  The District definitely is expanding its culinary scene, but do I think it’s at the level of New York? No, no I don’t. Would a make a comment like that if I owned a restaurant in D.C.? No, no I would not.

Despite what he said, I still wanted a burger.

Good Stuff Eatery is located in the Capitol Hill area. There is outdoor seating as well as seating inside the casual two-floor restaurant. Simply go up to the counter and order from the basic All-American menu: burgers, fries, onion petals, chili, shakes, floats etc.

I went with the Good Stuff Melt: Cheddar and Muenster cheese, caramelized onions, mushrooms and the Good Stuff Sauce. The sauce is basically a miz of molasses, mayo and ketchup.

Look at the sloppy mess! Beautiful!  While the toppings were all delicious and my meat was cooked medium (they don’t ask you, but I would prefer medium rare– just sayin’), the burger itself was not very juicy nor did it have much flavor. I became aware of this after my mom kept saying “I don’t taste burger. Ya know? Burger, I just don’t taste it. That burger flavor.” Go eat one from Good Stuff, and it will all make sense.

My dad ordered Coletti’s Smokehouse. Bacon, cheddar, onion petals, with a chipotle BBQ sauce. He said while it tasted good, it was the toppings that were bringing all the flavor. I did however like that they put their burger buns on the grill to give it a slight crisp.

For sides, we split the handcut fries and the onion petals. The petals had a little bit of a kick to them and the fries were good, but not a standout.

So, what was the standout? The toasted marshmallow milkshake. I had a toasted marshmallow milkshake a couple years ago in NYC and I have been craving one since. Who would have thought I could get one in a second-tier city?! Too soon?

Bring on the brain freeze is right, Spike!  I have an incredible sweet tooth (I don’t like to brag though) so I found this shake to be delicious. If you’re not into getting diabetes you may want to pass this one up. Or, if you want to try another flavor the black & white shake seemed to be a popular choice when looking around.

Would I tell people this is the best burger joint in the area? No. Am I happy I went? Yeah, I am! After six months of waiting, I was happy to finally try it and give it my own review. I’d be happy to go back for a shake.


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BEYOND for Lunch

I made it to Beyond, the “Asian Infused” restaurant downtown for lunch today. Even at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, Beyond had their share of customers. Although this picture does not prove that previous statement…

They say it’s better to have a large lunch and a small dinner. I tried to follow that rule and ordered a good amount of food. Albeit, I am currently eating sugar coated dough at 10 p.m.

When ordering the burger from Beyond, I went with the side salad rather than the french fries, and got the white wine vinegrette dressing. It was a pretty simple salad with romaine and tomatoes. The dressing was just as simple.

My friend and I also decided to split the Dukes sushi roll and that came with some miso soup. I’ve never really been a fan of miso soup since to me it’s just broth. Nonetheless, I still had some of it. I was more excited when the sushi came out.

To the left is the Dukes, drizzled with teriyaki and rolled with shrimp tempura and spicy crab meat. I was surprised how big the sushi serving size actually was for their decent prices. When it comes to sushi, I love to get the tempura as it adds an extra crunch to the softness of the rice. But hey, that’s just my opinion. To the right is my friend’s shrimp tempura roll with avocado.

After feeling pretty full from only 3 rolls, my Beyond Burger came out next. I ordered it medium but the waitress informed that the meat is actually beef and pork so ordering it medium would make the meat fall apart and I would find it nearly impossible to eat. I was a little surprised that the menu doesn’t inform the customer of the dual meat action.

The burger meat was crumbly and I could definitely taste the pork in it. Even more flavors came out because of the bits of bacon, caramelized onions, lettuce, cheese and lobster sauce. Yes, lobster sauce. Not sure what lobster sauce is and I’m not sure whether or not it belongs on a burger. It was a little spicy red sauce that added some zing to the burger. Another plus to the burger was the bun comes lightly toasted. I must admit though, I would choose a Jack Brown’s burger over this one any day.

My other friend went with the sandwich of the week. Grilled chicken with honey mustard, lettuce, mozzarella cheese, and tomato all on honey wheat bread that resembles Texas toast. Once again, the bread came lightly grilled.

The hit of the lunch table was my friend’s jumbo lump crab cakes served under a sriracha chiptole cream sauce. Sriracha is a chili sauce and the chipotle made my friend have to down two glasses of water during her lunch. Even though she was extremely hydrated by the time we left, she was really happy with her choice.  Note: She’s from Maryland and has high standards when it comes to crab cakes.

The modern atmosphere complimented by the modern dishware and menu made this lunch date really enjoyable. Even better were the reasonable prices at Beyond. My burger was only $7. The sushi was $11 and that was put on my friend’s bill. Er, that reminds me I still need to pay her back for that.

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Jack Brown’s Again

I went on a carb overload last night and got the burger of the day at Jack Brown’s. I have heard people speak of the Greg Brady burger but I knew I had to experience it myself.

The Greg Brady is Jack Brown’s delicious burger topped with homemade three cheese mac and BBQ chips. I was a little wary about mac & cheese on a burger, but apparently pasta and burgers are becoming a trend. Really, the cheesy macaroni made the burger taste like well, a cheeseburger. The chips added a lot of crunch to the juicy burger.

I also got a side of the sweet potato fries which were deliciously sweet. Even better when I got to dip it in the Jack Brown’s secret sauce.

Of course when going to Jack Brown’s I now always have to get the one dollar fried oreo.

This trip also made me realize one of my goals before graduation. While some may have the goal of obtaining a job, mine is to eat every burger at Jack Brown’s. Yeah, I have pretty big goals. Two down, five to go…


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