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L’Italia Has Brunch

September 23, 2009

Harrisonburg, VA

I won’t lie, this first restaurant review is going to have some bias in it. After all, L’Italia is my place of work so I’m going to have to talk it up a bit.

Although L’Italia Pizza & Pasta specializes in just that- pizza & pasta- they decided to start a brunch menu every Sunday till 3 p.m. With nine dishes all $8 or less on the menu I have no idea why you wouldn’t come here for brunch. Maybe I’m used to New York City prices where I thought $10 for coffee and a bagel was a steal. But look at it this way, brunch is technically two meals. That’s $4 a meal. Talk about dining on a budget!

If my quick math skills didn’t sell you on the brunch then perhaps what I ate will. Rather than start with the restaurants usual bread knots, they switch it up and bring the table little sugar coated fried donut bites. I recommend sticking to just one. Fried dough can only make you feel so good.

Rather than reach for another donut, I decided to sip my freshly squeezed orange juice. I know for a fact that the OJ takes about 30 minutes to make. Thinking about all the time put into it and that you’re only paying $2 for the most refreshing juice ever, you’ll feel a little guilty. But then your entree comes and you get over it.

The “Frittata Your Way” was an open faced omelet with spinach, feta, and onions. There are a few more toppings to choose from (bacon, sausage, peppers, ham, and cheddar). Then, the omelet is topped with melted mozzarella cheese.


It really resembles more of a pizza when it’s all put together. My side croissant topped with powdered sugar was crispy on the outside but as I broke into the shell a vanilla custard and soft bread was inside. Not your typical croissant but tasty nonetheless.

It will hopefully only be a matter of time before this brunch catches on with JMU students. What’s a better way to cure a hangover on a Sunday afternoon than stuffing your face and sipping mimosas?


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