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The Looking Glass

Happy Birthday to you, said the lobster above. Overlooking Bar Harbor, ME, The Looking Glass restaurant shares its venue with the Bluenose Inn. Our car climbed up the hill until we reached the very top. It was there that we walked into the restaurant with a fitting name. An open room with wooden floors and large glass windows sat on top of the hill.

After being greeted by our waiter, Enrique, I went ahead and ordered my first dose of seafood: crabcakes.

Two crab cakes were crispy on the outside with soft lump crab mixed in with peppers and served with a side of a spicy garlic mayonnaise-like sauce. It was a perfect preview to main event, lobster.

Unfortunately this baked stuffed lobster came with a little too much tarragon. What could have been a delicious stuffing of scallops was instead covered with too many overpowering spices. As I got further down into the stuffing the terragon slowly disappeared the scallops got their taste back.

The lobster was good but the claw meat seemed to be a little tough. My mom went the easier route and ordered the lazy man lobster.

In my mom’s case, this lazy lobster was cooked perfectly. My dad went with the seafood medley of halibut, scallops, shrimp and halibut where the scallops proved to be the standout.

After taking the last sip from the blueberry martini I got a birthday surprise of sugar-free blueberry lemon cheesecake. Yes, sugar-free and yes, it was delicious!! Fluffy and not too filling like a regular dense cheesecake.

The ambiance and view carries a bigger punch than the food in The Looking Glass restaurant. But any time I can be surrounded by friends and family on my birthday then it’s alright by me. You lucked out this time Looking Glass!!

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