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Olde Mill Diner

Type the name of this country cookin’ restaurant into Google and the reviews sound something along the lines of “Amazing,” “One of a kind,” and “DELICIOUS food.”  Thanks to the recommendation of my friend who spends her summers in Maine she insisted that I take a trip to Searsmont, ME to experience the Olde Mill Diner.

The diner is located along a pretty desolate road and for awhile I thought we must be headed in the wrong direction. Suddenly our GPS was telling us that we were arriving at our destination on the left. From the exterior the diner certainly gives off a house vibe. Walking inside, it kept that same vibe and it felt like we were being seated in someone’s dining room.

Simple wooden tables and chairs were located in two rooms with nearly every one taken. The customers inside the diner were pretty much all locals. How do I know this? Because they were kind enough to start chatting it up  giving us the best directions to get back on our way to Portland.

As I looked around at what people were eating the American Chop Suey seemed to be the favorite. Elbow pasta formed into a iant mound on top of the plate. If that wasn’t enough a large piece of bread was served alongside. On certain days the diner serves yeast rolls about the size of a human head (probably not the best culinary comparison).

Although I wasn’t starving for some American Chop Suey or rolls, I am still a firm believer that there is always room for dessert. Even at lunch time. When the waitress named off all the pies the one that stood out to me was raspberry. I thought when would I ever be able to have a fresh raspberry pie again?

And when would it ever look like this!? The crust was flaky and the fresh raspberries were a little sweet and tart. There were countless raspberries stuffed between the buttery crust and we ate every last one.

If you want some downhome cookin’ in what looks to be an actual home the Olde Mill Diner is your spot.


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