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Sushi Jako

I have kept meaning to put this post up for awhile now. Whenever my friend is craving sushi, which is pretty often, she always insists on going to Sushi Jako.

My first time visiting I’ll admit I was going in with low standards. I was used to the sushi at Beyond downtown and to go elsewhere just seemed plain wrong. Plus Jako is in a shopping center and that to me never seems like a tempting place for food. Although as I am typing this I am beginning to realize how some of my favorite restaurants are in shopping centers. Hmm, perhaps when I’m extremely bored I’ll look into that some more.

When you walk into the place there is not much to write home about. A fake croaking frog acts as their bell to sound when customers enter and a sign reads “Please Watch Your Step.” The floor is completely level so I’m still confused about that one.

There are a few tables to sit at or you can take a seat at the sushi bar and watch your food be made right in front of you. My friend and I went for a table during both of our visits. We didn’t want to have to deal with any awkward small talk like one may have to do with a bartender. “So, uhh how long have you been rolling sushi?” Silence —frog croak — silence.

The wall of Jako’s is a giant beach mural with a few real seashells super-glued randomly throughout. Much like the frog and the sign, I’m not getting a connection with this decoration.

After enjoying the beach scenery, I decided to start out with the salad. During both visits my friend ordered the miso soup. And both times (with different waiters) I was given miso soup as well. I don’t know why this is, but lucky for them I never wanted to make the correction. The soup is delicious, whether you order it or not.

I absolutely love asian salads, mostly because of the gingery salad dressing. The size of the salad doesn’t hurt either.

Jako has plenty of Japanese and Korean food to offer other than sushi. If sushi is not what you’re looking for they also offer tempura, noodles, and teriyaki dishes. But sushi is what I was looking for and that’s what I checked off. Yes, checked off. Like most sushi places, you can pick your sushi and quantity simply by taking a given piece of paper and checking off what you want. Interactive dining!

I chose the crunchy spicy California roll and the Washington Roll (top of picture).

While the Washington roll was good, with cucumber, masago and crab, I found myself wanting more of the spicy California. Plus, I have to say sometimes having the fish eggs, which were on the Washington, can make  me a little uneasy. The spicy sushi, with crab, avocado and masago also had what seemed like bread crumbs rolled around the outside of it. Even better, this sushi was never to spicy.

Jako has made me a fan and I know I will be going back for some more sushi — and miso soup if my friend orders it.



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