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Jack Brown’s Again

I went on a carb overload last night and got the burger of the day at Jack Brown’s. I have heard people speak of the Greg Brady burger but I knew I had to experience it myself.

The Greg Brady is Jack Brown’s delicious burger topped with homemade three cheese mac and BBQ chips. I was a little wary about mac & cheese on a burger, but apparently pasta and burgers are becoming a trend. Really, the cheesy macaroni made the burger taste like well, a cheeseburger. The chips added a lot of crunch to the juicy burger.

I also got a side of the sweet potato fries which were deliciously sweet. Even better when I got to dip it in the Jack Brown’s secret sauce.

Of course when going to Jack Brown’s I now always have to get the one dollar fried oreo.

This trip also made me realize one of my goals before graduation. While some may have the goal of obtaining a job, mine is to eat every burger at Jack Brown’s. Yeah, I have pretty big goals. Two down, five to go…


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