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The Liberty Tree

H Street in D.C. is the current hot spot for restaurants and PBR. About a mile long, this street is home to trendy restaurants including Smith Commons, Sticky Rice and the New England themed The Liberty Tree.

I found reviews saying how the clam rolls and lobster rolls at The Liberty Tree were like the ones they grew up on in Massachusetts.  So, who better to bring to this establishment than my parents, who grew up in Massachusetts!?

The place has a cozy vibe with New England posters framed on the walls. It’s a fairly small place with not too much seating, and their bar faces the kitchen.

My family and I started with the lobster corndogs for an appetizer. Other tempting apps’ included the lobster mac ‘n’ cheese and fried brussel sprouts. While the dipping sauce for the corndogs was delicious, the corndogs were overcooked and had almost a rubbery texture on the outside. Had they not been overcooked, the flavor would have been good, but still not a standout.

For our entrees, my mom went with the talked about fried clam roll. Here is her review:

“Clams were good but no where near as good as my favorites from JT Farnhams in Essex, Ma. I think they should have been more evenly coated… some parts of the clams didn’t have any coating.”

She didn’t hold anything back!

Other dishes including the pizza and the fried chatham cod sandwich. The consensus at the table was my salmon was the best dish of the night. Go me!

Update: My brother found his brick oven clam pizza to be delicious. Called the Casino, it was topped with baby clams, roasted garlic, bacon, spinach, herb butter & pecorino romano.

The salmon is not on their online menu, but it was grilled salmon on top of a cream spinach apple orzo.

The best part of the night was actually the salads which were dressed perfectly. Another nice fact about this restaurant is that their New England rolls are shipped in and if you can purchase the rolls directly from The Liberty Tree.

The Liberty Tree puts forth a good effort, but sometimes, New England food is best left up to New England.


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Curbside Cupcakes

Since I work outside the city, I am forced live vicariously through twitpics of food trucks during lunch hours. Not this time! On a Saturday morning I went to Eastern Market in Capitol Hill (which I recommend as well), and low and behold the food truck of my dreams was parked in front of me. A truck full of cupcakes.

The selections at Curbside Cupcakes change daily and the truck is quite popular on a Saturday morning. Like every cupcake bakery, wheels or no wheels, there were the classic flavors. Vanilla, chocolate and red velvet. I went for the cookies & cream but it was sold out by 11am on Saturday.

Instead, I ordered the german chocolate cupcake for $3. If cupcakes aren’t your thing (don’t ever talk to me), you can also get a milkshake from the truck. The german chocolate frosting tasted how German chocolate frosting should taste. Bits of coconut with a creamy consistency. The chocolate cake was dense.

Want to try them yourself? Follow them on Twitter to find their next stop in the D.C. area. If you really really like them, you should know they also cater and deliver.

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Tackle Box

Georgetown is home to some pretty fancy establishments: Cafe Bonaparte, Clyde’s, The Apple Store…

Tackle Box goes against the grain when it comes to the elite area.

Picnic benches, buoys and nets decorate the two floor seafood restaurant.  The meals come in plastic baskets just like a mom and pop lobster shack you’d find in Maine.

I ate upstairs on a Monday night around 8 and the top floor was completely empty. Better service, I say! Tackle Box has a good selection of drinks and happy hours throughout the week. They post some of their deals via Twitter.  They are known for their Potomac Tea which was named the Best Martini of 2011. By who, I don’t know. Also, it’s only April so I don’t know why we’re jumping the gun here and assuming they will have the best martini for the next eight months. Let’s just assume that it’s that good!

Some of the food selections at Tackle Box include lobster rolls, fish tacos, fried scallops, tilapia, macaroni and cheese and oysters. Some of the meals come with fries or you can order a side separately. I munched on the hush puppies that were far from impressive. They were mealy and dry. Don’t recommend.

The sweet potato fries are a different story.

They take actual sweet potatoes and fry them so each bite is like you’re taking a chomp out of the potato itself.

The lobster roll, for $19, doesn’t skimp on the lobster but I can’t say the same for the mayonnaise.

The fish tacos (2 for $8, 3 for $11) come with tilapia, but  per request they may be able to switch up the fish. I was happy with the tilapia that had chipotle sauce, pico de gallo, cabbage and sour cream.

If you’re planning on going to Tackle Box, I’d recommend the fish tacos. The chipotle sauce is not too spicy, but it adds enough of a kick to the tilapia. You may find some hits and misses along the way, but Tackle Box manages to get a few things right. What’s more, you can feel better about going there when you read their mission statement:

  “We use our purchasing power as a restaurant to support suppliers who are using habitat-friendly fishing gear, supporting their local fishing communities and are consistently looking to improve their practices.”


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PS 7

Today is National Chopstix Day, and I was under the assumption that every day would involve a food. While chopstix are used for types of foods, I still find it kind of boring to write about how I used chopstix. Instead, I will tell you how I used a fork last night!

I went to PS 7 in Washington, D.C. located right near Chinatown. The modern and trendy restaurant had a low light bar that had a good amount of creative drinks. I ordered the Ant-EYE-ox-A-dent for $12. It consisted of vodka, house made cranberry-pear juice, green tea and bitters. It was really light and the vodka was not overpowering — maybe that’s how it is just 100 calories. Another drink that I was tempted to order was the Sav U’R cereal. In it, there was cereal milk, old overholt rye and St. Elizabeth All spice Dram.  You can look at all of their cool drinks here.

The dining room of the restaurant is also dimly light (we thought it was closed when we first drove by it), and the modern feel carries on with their dining menu. For bread, they give you cheese baked crisps with poppyseed, mini buttermilk biscuits and garlic and herb rolls.

When I was done devouring all the options of bread, I went on to my starter of merry mushroom soup. It’s made with sherry, almond, gremolata (aka lemon zest, garlic and pasta)  and chorizo (type of pork sausage) croutons. When served, the soup bowl comes with just the solid ingredients placed in the center of the bowl. Confused as to where the liquid portion of the soup had gone, I just thought maybe this was their “modern” soup twist. The twist being that there was no soup. “Ohhh, lovely,” I said, trying to sound like I have had this type of soup before. But then, the waiter reached around with a glass vase and poured the actually mushroom soup into the bowl.

The soup was great and with the spiciness of the chorizo it had a lot of different flavors. The warm spinach salad is also a great way to start off your meal at PS 7.

For dinner, I ordered the gnocchi nero, which was trumpet mushrooms, truffle, pearl onions, sage and sherry foam.  When it came, people at the table mentioned how the plate actually looked like pebbles on a beach with sea foam over them. The presentation of all the dishes at PS 7 are done beautifully.

Another well done presentation was the special of the night, mahi mahi.

It was paired alongside blueberry gel and some sort of basil puree. I’ll be honest, there were a lot of things on the menu I had never heard of. For example, miso air (how can you eat air?),  mung beans and bubbly gel were a few that had me a little confused.

The hip and trendy feel of the restaurant is even in the bathrooms. There are two 3-D pop-out glass bowls with fish swimming around.

Keeping with the nice presentations, for dessert I ordered the “Fluffer.” Mind you, I had this dessert already picked out three days prior to going to PS 7.

The “Fluffer” was peanut butter sorbet, fluff, and buttered toast underneath. I’ve never felt so fancy eating marshmallow.

If you want an experience at PS 7 make sure you make reservations. Washingtonian Magazine called the head chef, Peter Smith, one of the most promising chefs in D.C.

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Founding Farmers

My brother has been telling me to go to Founding Farmers in Washington, D.C. for awhile now. I found it funny when my friend mentioned I go to Founding Farmers too. Next thing I knew she was battling the  traffic and trying to understand the contradicting parking meters in order to dine at the farmer-friendly restaurant.

Knowing it was a Saturday, my friend and I decided to be senior citizens in order to avoid the rush and walked in the doors around 4:45. Only a few people were nestled at the bar as our hostess led us up the stairs to an empty dining room. Jars of colorful vegetables and fluffy hanging clouds (made from cotton?) hung from the ceiling.

My friend assured me that the fried green tomatoes were delicious and were quickly ordered. The “Certified Green Restaurant” doesn’t serve bottled water and instead places a glass jug full of water on our table. The drinks at Founding Farmers features eight from the Prohibition era. There are also cocktails and “Farmer’s Favorites” all ranging $8-$25. The $25 includes some absinthe and top shelf liqour.

The thick fried green tomatoes came with two spreads. One had a guacamole flavor called the green goddess dressing. The other was a goat cheese herb spread. Both were delicious but I found myself going back for the green goddess.

Everyday Founding Farmers has a popcorn of the day for two dollars. Old Bay seasoning was sprinkled on top of a large bowl of popcorn that my friend and I munched on throughout our meals.

For dinner I had the prime rib sandwich with au jus. Served on ciabatta bread and with slices of Swiss cheese and grilled onions it was easy to taste how fresh all the ingredients were. The beef was tender and cooked to perfection. The french fries were lightly salted and a great accompaniment to the sandwich.

After leaving and telling my brother what I ordered he was extremely disappointed. He demanded that next time I order the chicken and waffles. It would have been nice if he gave me a heads up prior to dining! Either way I was happy with my selection. As I got up to leave the restaurant was packed with diners who all seemed to be happy with their selections too.

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The Front Page

The second I finished my half marathon the thought of food made me nauseous. You would think that after running 13 miles you’d be willing to eat anything in your path — even raisins, maybe even pickles. Alas, I spent my time drinking water and slowly trying to eat some breakfast bars. Luckily, it only took me about half an hour till I was waiting in line for my free McDonald’s frappe and awaiting my brunch buffet at The Front Page in Washington.

Walking in, I saw the perfectly cut fruit, fresh pastries and crispy bacon. I could no longer feel the pain in the legs, and I instead focused on intaking as many calories as possible. For $21 you can partake in the all you can eat buffet as well as unlimited mimosas.

The name of  the restaurant makes perfect sense when you see the tons of old front pages of newspapers with some of the biggest headlines. When you go to D.C. you really can’t get away from the history.

After looking around at the countless framed newspapers, I headed to the made to order omelet station. Located next to the omelet station is fresh cut roast beef and waffles (a weird mixture, but still delicious separately). The waffles toppings included nutella, whipped cream, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and blueberries. Speaking of weird mixtures, alongside the biscuits & gravy and breakfast potatoes there was also a tray of penne ala vodka. Never really thought of penne as a brunch food but I wasn’t complaining. It as delicious and I went back for thirds.

This is my second plate and at that point I was probably on my third mimosa. You can definitely get your moneys worth at The Front Page.

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