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February 5 Nutella

It is also National Frozen Yogurt day, which I love, but come on, how can you not love Nutella? A chocolate hazelnut spread that you can put on bread and say you’re having a sandwich for lunch? It’s the perfect disguise.

Since I’m not creative in the cooking department, I took to other sites to find what sounds like a delicious Nutella concoction. My winner was the Nutella stuffed French toast. As if french toast weren’t already sweet enough, let’s add some chocolate filling in there. Yes, please!

This site had my favorite version, mainly because of the picture.

I should say, my runner-up recipe was Nutella Banana bread. If you want more Nutella ideas, go here.


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February 4 Homemade Soup

For lunch today I had homemade goulash soup. It’s originally a Hungarian soup with  meat, onions, potatoes, paprika and peppers. You’d think homemade soup day would entail me actually making the soup, but I found a loophole. Instead, the Swiss Bakery makes their own. Hooray!

When I ordered my soup one of the employees suggested I go for the mushroom soup. I explained that I work 5 minutes down the street and would probably be here at least once a week. Since the goulash is made only on Fridays and Saturdays I felt inclined to pick a soup I grew up on in Germany.

While this soup is not exactly what I remember from my past, it was still delicious. It reminded me more of a beef stew rather than the Hungarian dish. Then again, there are multiple versions of this European dish. One thing that did bring me back to my childhood was the brotchen rolls. Served hot, the outside was crisp and the middle was soft and still steaming.

I’m glad homemade soup day came on such a cold day. It was the perfect lunch, but the highlight was the roll. Then again, I’d be happy having homemade European breads for every meal. But, I’ve taken a lesson from Scott Pilgrim on that one:



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